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Construction sites, house equipment worth a lot of money. Reports suggest that annually an estimated 1 billion dollars worth of equipment goes missing from construction sites.

The contractor suffers this loss due to such thefts, but this problem is minor compared to the other issues the company would face due to such events. The company may lose credibility, it would have to replace the equipment, and the delay would cost the company a great deal of money.

First and foremost, you would need to have a well-capable and a verified security guard who can keep an eye on everything happening at the site. For additional security, sites can also have CCTV cameras installed. Here are some other problems that you need to take care of too.

  • Product Identification Systems: Lack of a product identification system may lead to the company incurring heavy losses because anyone can take any item out of the site without checking.
  • Same Key: It is pretty standard on construction sites that multiple pieces of equipment share duplicate keys. If a pair of keys fell into the wrong hands, numerous pieces of equipment would be in danger of theft.
  • Lighting The Site At Night: Thieves can enter any site at night in the cover of darkness. Keeping the place well-lit allows a layer of security.
  • Keep Records Of All Your Equipment: It doesn’t matter if the equipment is small or big, or how regularly you are using it, or if it is dysfunctional. You should keep a record of all your equipment.
  • How Well Do You Know All Your Employees: You would have many people working at your construction sites, hence as a measure of security, you need to have extensive background checks on all your employees. If you suspect something about someone, keep an eye on them.

These are just some tips to ensure your construction site is safe from theft; but in order to keep things in real order, you must hire a professional security guard. At Western Eagle Security Inc., we will be able to assist you well. Call us at 281-496-6800 to know more.

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