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Every school has a security guard for the safety of its premises and its students. A school security guard is responsible for taking necessary measures during emergencies. To guarantee the best possible results, you should hire trained guards. The list below shows some duties a guard should perform to be considered as a qualified school security guard.

Campus surrounding:

  • The guards should observe the activities around the campus.
  • The security guard should observe the entry and exit points of school 24/7. Having multiple guards will make the school more secure.
  • Security guards should check on a dorm in addition to the campus.

Student protection:

  • Security guards should check if the students properly get to their school buses.
  • If any outsider comes to pick-up any student, the guards should inform the school authorities.
  • Security guards should make peace if the students are fighting.
  • Security guards should make sure no student is allowed to go to a no go area. In addition, they should make sure that there are no harmful items on the campus.
  • The school security guard should also keep an eye on bus drivers and in addition, to other staff for any case of misconduct with students.

Emergency Situations

  • Above all, security guards should perform well in any form of emergencies.
  • The Security guards should be able to handle any law and order situation. And if they are unable to handle the situation on their own, they should know who to call for help, for instance, give a call to the police.
  • Similarly, they should call a fire brigade or an ambulance if needed.

In conclusion, security guards are essential for any school. In addition to responding to emergencies, a trained security guard will perform well in every situation.

Contact us to find the best security guards for your school. We are waiting to protect you, your school, and your students.

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