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Mall security guards play an important role in providing security for everyone inside the mall. You will find them patrolling around the mall with buzzing sounds coming out of their walkie talkie. They monitor every one going in and out at the gates and are trained to handle criminal activities, emergency situations.

What are the duties of a mall security guard?

Stopping criminal activities

One of the main jobs is to prevent criminal activities. They patrol the mall to keep an eye on ongoing actions. In addition, some guards monitor every corner of the mall through security cameras and notify the others if they find anything wrong.

Controlling the crowd

The guards can handle disputes between shop keepers or customers to ensure everyone’s safety. Moreover, they are also capable of controlling crowds on busy days, of making sure no harmful situation occurs, and there is no damage to the property.

Keeping the property safe from theft

Security guards not only guard the mall during the day but also at night. They make sure that nobody stays inside when the mall is closing and check if all the entrance and exit gates are properly locked.

Keeping the mall safe during maintenance work

There is a high risk that criminal activities might take place during maintenance work. Therefore, the guards are on high alert during this time. They keep a sharp eye on the workers to make sure they are only doing their assigned tasks, and there is no security breach.

To ensure the safety of the mall and the people inside it, it is important to take advantage of security services. For more information, call Western Eagle Security on 281-496-6800 or visit our office.

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