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The first impression is last impression. That is how security should be portrayed when they are on their duties. As clients always seek professional, physically fit, and smart guards for their safety. Hence, it becomes necessary for a security guard to look presentable and have a personality that attracts clients to come again.

Here Are EIGHT Guidelines For How To Maintain Physical Appearance

1) Appearance:
A smart guard would always keep his physical appearance up to mark by having good hygiene, remarkable physical fitness, and clothes that are professional and fit suit.

2) Body- Language:
It is important for a security guard to have body language that conduces confidence and integrity along with firmness while knowing about all details of a surrounding area and having communication skills that are not offensive but diplomatic.

3) Grooming:
It is a requirement for a guard to keep their facial beard neat and clean; for example, no hair on the cheeks, and the mustache should not exceed the lips. If clean shaved, it should be properly done, no 5 a.m. beard type of look.
Hair should be short and trimmed, and if using cologne, it should be fresh and not too strong, which may bother clients.

4) Piercing:
While piercing is a personal choice, like on the brows, lips, nose, and other parts of bodies that are visible, security guards are prohibited from wearing it during professional hours.

5) Tattoos And Ornaments:
Having a tattoo depends from person to person, and if a security guard wants to get tattooed, then it should not be visible on the head, face, neck, and arms as it is not considered to be professional looking.
Jewelry or ornaments that belong to personal faith should be hidden as it is not part of the uniform and may draw bias toward certain groups. However, if married, then a ring band is allowed.

6) Nails:
It is a small part of the body part but holds a lot of attention. If dirty and long, then psychologically, that person is not perceived as unclean and not maintained. Especially when it comes to licensed security guards, everything about them is scrutinized, even nails, so it becomes necessary to keep nails short and clean and, if possible, have a manicure and pedicure to maintain the hygiene level of hands.

7) Healthy Teeth:
Crocked and stained teeth do not give the impression of a fit guard. Instead, it gives the image of a non-serious attitude to their jobs. Hence, going to the dentist monthly becomes mandatory.

8) Shoes:
From head to toe, everything is required to prompt and maintain the code of appearance. Shoes play a vital role in your personality; a man is judged by how his shoes are maintained and clean and tidy, which depicts discipline and a serious attitude towards their job. This is taken seriously regarding the appearance of a licensed security guard.


Whether a licensed guard is conducting his job at his designated place, he should be trained well and do his job with honesty. For this, it is essential to look after himself and maintain himself, giving a professional look that also portrays him as mentally fit for his duty.

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