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When it comes to what security guards can and can’t do, we all know that security guards are not police officers, similar to how police officers are not security guards. Now, what does this mean? With both being the representatives of law, order, and authority, there is a fine line dividing the two classes of security and authority they practice.

This post will guide you on what security guards can and can’t do, so you can have your requirements sorted out before hiring one!

Security Guards vs. Police Officers

To be very clear and straightforward, police officers are public servants who work for the state. On the other hand, security guards are private citizens providing security services under different companies instead of under a single umbrella.

However, both the individuals hold arms, wear uniforms, and serve their lives for our safety and security.

What Security Guards Can Do?

Pulling out the big question, what do security guards can do? Please read the following list with me to better understand their responsibilities and authorities.

  • Security guards have all the authority to protect a place; i.e., home, office, venue, etc., as well as the people living or visiting it. However, a point to notice is that they cannot take action against any illegal activity. Still, they can certainly ask people to leave the place or stop the activity if it poses a danger to any human being or property.
  • Security guards can stop a burglary if they witness any, but they cannot take legal action against thieves.
  • Security guards can arrest a person if he has authentic proof of the illegal activity. However, they have to call the police to proceed with the legal formalities and further investigate the case.
  • Security guards have the authority to cease thieves’ weapons and transfer them into police custody.
  • Guards have all the authority to detain a person for an unlawful and illegal act until the police officers come into action.
  • Security guards have the authority to use force against anyone while performing their duty.

What Can Security Guards Not Do?

Security guards themselves have a lot of authority, and these professionals have a lot of training and licenses. Hence, the list is not so long about what they can’t do!

  • Security guards do not have permission to use reasonable force against thieves and other individuals they have caught. This takes into good act use of language and handcuffs on top. Moreover, they are also suggested to use reasonable force if they are hitting someone to stop.
  • Lastly, security guards cannot detain or arrest someone for a long time. Even if they have caught a thief red-handed, the only thing they are allowed to do is to arrest the person for a while until the police come into action. However, even if the police turn out to be unresponsive, security guards are deemed to leave the person free after some time.

We at Western Security have a team of armed security professionals trained and certified to handle all types of situations. If you hire our security guards, you don’t need to worry about what security guards can and can’t do. Our professionals have all the training and knowledge in the rules and authorities you will need to practice. Call us at 281 496 6800 to inquire more about our offerings.

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