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The term surveillance is a wide term that stands for close monitoring of actions and behavior to protect people. Today, surveillance is required in every aspect and corner of life, be it a residential or a commercial area. Security services and crime investigation unit providers use surveillance techniques to professionally safeguard the whole city. You can do surveillance or monitoring with the use of different techniques, such as:


1. Physical Monitoring

Long before technological advancement, surveillance was all about trusting the human eye. During that period, security services were depended on reliable security officers who would ensure that the property assigned to them is safe from all threats. Even now, this method continues to work, as many security services providers continue to provide trained security officers to their clients. Apart from security, this method is also commonly used by private and crime investigators to keep an eye on criminals and defaulters.


2. Audio Surveillance

The audio surveillance method is a more sophisticated type of surveillance used majorly by investigators. In this type of surveillance, the person being investigated is secretly monitored with the help of microchip bugs that are either added in their house or on objects they use. Sometimes the telephone lines of the person being targeted are also tapped to get proofs of the communication taking place.


3. Video Surveillance

This is a mechanical form of surveillance that is extensively used in today’s time. The most common example of video surveillance is the CCTV cameras present on almost every other store, building, and street. Apart from the video surveillance through CCTV cameras, video surveillance also includes private investigators capturing videos of the subject they are paid to supervise.


4. Vehicular Surveillance

Vehicular surveillance technique is a fairly new concept in the field of surveillance. In this type of monitoring, audio, and video surveillance is conducted with a mobile surveillance trailer. These trailers are vehicles that provide power to the camera device with the help of solar energy. Mobile surveillance trailers move all over the area assigned to them and supervise the area for any misconduct. Monitoring is something that is not only necessary to catch criminals and troublemakers but also to avoid crimes and thefts before they happen. With the help of monitoring, you can notice a pattern of wrong conduct and take action before trouble strikes. So do not wait for trouble to happen and get a quote for surveillance techniques today.

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