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The role of a security guard depends on the place where he or she is working in. To carry out the responsibilities, a security guard is trained so that he or she can handle any situation. Below are some skills that every guard possess, such as:

  • High level of physical and mental strength
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Communication skills
  • Keeping an eye on the people and ongoing activities

The main duty of a guard is to prevent crime. However, there are many other things that they do. Let us have a look at them.

Create a Safe Surrounding

The guards keep an eye on both the inside and outside of any building, warehouse or shopping mall they work. They check the doors, windows, and gate to make sure they are properly locked.  They also use CCTV cameras to monitor everyone to ensure that the place is safe and make sure that no illegal activity takes place in or around the premises.

Identify Safety Risks 

They have very keen observation skills, and they can watch and observe areas and people without getting distracted. Because of the training, they can identify the suspicious behavior of staff or visitors and can smell any sign of danger.

Respond to Emergencies

The guards are the first ones to respond to emergencies like natural disasters or fire breakouts. They remain calm and handle these situations in such a way that minimum loss occurs. They also manage the crowd and guide them to escape safely.

Communicate with People

Finally, this one is very important to ensure the safety of the people around or in an area or building. The guards may communicate with visitors to inform them about emergencies or guide them to the correct locations.

For more information regarding the responsibilities of a security guard, call Western Eagle Security at 281-496-6800 and talk to our representatives.

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