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This article is a continuation of the last article titled “Want To Be A Security Officer? Here Is What You Need To Have”. We have discussed some points in our previous article; other points are mentioned here.

You, Will, Need To Be Good With Verbal and Written Communication

As a security officer, you will have to fill in several different reports regularly. You must therefore know how to write. Similarly, you will have to know how to communicate verbally with peers and your clients whom you are serving. In other words, it is necessary you know how to speak the English language.

Complete Your Administrative Duties

It is optional for a security officer to help out with administrative duties when possible. For example, you may have to answer the phone or be at the gates to greet the guests.

First Aid Support

As a security officer, you may have to act as a first responder at a time of crisis. As such, at a time of crisis, you must be able to provide first aid support. You may also have a better chance of getting the job as a security officer if you have some knowledge regarding medical procedures. Because a security officer’s duties are sometimes hazardous, and you may require to have first aid knowledge.

You, Will, Have Flexible Working Hours

In most cases, you will have to work in shifts; therefore, it is always possible that your timings may change unexpectedly.

Are You Able To Handle High-Stress Situations

The job of a security officer involves handling a lot of stress. Therefore, prepare yourself to work long hours, and in some cases, they may be without much rest. To get through these challenging situations, you will have to take things calmly and logically.

Peak Physical Fitness:

This is the most critical requirement, but you will have to be physically fit. For example, if you are a bit plump and overweight and there is a shoplift, the thief will find it easy to outrun you. If you are physically fit. it will also give you a professional appearance. With you around, anyone would think twice before committing a crime.

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