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More small businesses are hiring  private security services to provide protection against petty thieves and criminals. However, in addition to keeping customers and employees secure, there are other less-considered advantages to having a security guard at a business location.

Crime prevention

When small-time criminals are on the prowl for businesses to attack, they often get deterred by the presence of alert security guards. Rather than risk the engagement, they just move on to the next business that does not have security.

Customer satisfaction

Your security guard is the first person that customers will meet/ interact with when they visit your business. Little things count and a greeting from your guard will go a long way in painting your business in a good light. Additionally, when people see a security man at the entrance, they feel more secure in the building.

Video surveillance monitoring

In a bid to deter criminals, some businesses opt for video surveillance equipment over security guards. However, without a guard to monitor the feeds and anticipate an impending attack, surveillance equipment will only provide evidence after the fact. If you have a guard at the entrance and another in a security room, you get active monitoring and active protection.

In addition to keeping customers secure, a security guard provides business owners with an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction rates and ensure that visitors return. If your business is located in Houston and you are thinking of hiring a security service, then you won’t find any better than Western Eagle Security. If you have any questions, please call 281-496-6800 0r 512-368-2244.

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