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The new mantra or rule for an unarmed security guard who gets thrust into an active assailant incident is “grab, drop and strike.” Of course, no one expects an unarmed security guard to engage an armed assailant, but some will bethrust into that kind ofsituation and have no choice but to react.

When the assailant is so close the guardcannot avoid confrontation, theironly choice might be to engage. However, theymust act quickly and aggressively. By twisting and pulling the gun into theirchest as theyfall backward, could the object is to avoid getting shot or to pull the weapon from the hands of the assailant. The drop also allows gravity to give the guardan advantage.

Guards are trained to remember once theyhave a gripon the weapon, to never let go. They must keep both hands on the weapon and head butt, knee or elbow the assailant until help arrives.

An Unarmed Security GuardShould Direct & Defend

It is not the duty or responsibility of an unarmed security guard to confront an armed assailant. Instead, the guard should use their knowledge of the area to move innocent bystanders in a safe direction, help the injured, if possible, and direct emergency responders to the injured. They can also advise armed law enforcement about the whereabouts or movements of the assailant. Taking these actions will free up police to do their job – apprehend the assailant.

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