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Armed Security Guard Training

Obviously, an armed security guard needs to have advanced firearm training. However, there is much more involved in the role than being able to handle a gun. A professional armed security guard is expected to be aware of his or her environment at all times and actively takes steps to protect the client and their interests.

Customer Service Training

One of the most important parts of the role involves customer service training. As a client, you want to know that your armed security guard interacts with employees and customers in a friendly and professional manner. The level of training is important, as it can make the difference between a potentially dangerous confrontation and de-escalation of a situation.

Safe Driving Practices

You may require your armed security guard to drive various vehicles as part of the role. It is important that he or she is provided training on safe driving practices. The client’s safety should be paramount at all times, regardless of the situation. Western Eagle Security guards are given safe driving training as standard.

Communication Protocols

Communication is a pivotal part of being an effective armed security guard. If you are hiring a team of security guards, you will want to know there are effective lines of communication. This will allow the team to react quickly in any situation and always know where other guards are positioned. Active communication with the client and any relevant employees is also important.


When you hire an armed security guard, you should have the expectation he or she will never need to use their weapon. Safety is part of the training provided by Western Eagle Security. We are committed to ensuring our clients and their customers are always in a safe environment. Your armed security guard will make conscious decisions to maintain a safe working environment for you and your team.

Emergency Response Procedures

Perhaps the most important training for an armed security guard is in emergency response procedures. The person you hire should be able to act quickly and take all steps necessary to protect any innocent parties involved in the emergency. First aid and CPR are essential skills for an armed guard in the event a client, employee or visitor is injured.

If you need an armed security guard, contact Western Eagle Security today, for more information. We can help protect you and your employees should you need it.

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