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There are several schools of thought about how many reasons there are to hire a Houston security guard service rather than recruiting and hiring your own guards. There are only three important reasons to hire a service: expense, professional training and peace of mind. Everything else can be aligned under one of those reasons.


If you look at how inexpensive it is to hire a Houston security guard service as opposed to doing your own recruiting, conducting background checks, drug testing, hiring, training, and outfitting security guards, it just makes sense, financially, to hire an already-trained and ready team, locally. What’s more, when you need additional guards for special events and access control, it’s at your fingertips. All you have to do is call the Houston security guard service you are already using and request more help. You won’t have to go through all the requirements of hiring, training and outfitting guards you may only need for a short period.

Trained Professionals

These trained professionals provide proactive prevention of crimes against your employees both on the job and while going to and from the parking facilities. Additionally, as professionals, they are aware of the proper way to handle an unruly employee who may be upset about a personal problem off the job, or one who has an issue with another employee. Their presence, alone, is reassuring for your employees.

Peace of Mind

The most important of these reasons is, perhaps, peace of mind. Knowing you have inexpensive, trained professionals making routine checks, which will ultimately reduce shoplifting and employee theft, will minimize your stress. Regardless of how great an employer you are, it happens in every organization. If theft or embezzlement is suspected, you have trained professionals, from an outside source, to investigate the incident without creating animosity between employees.

For Homeowner Associations (HOA), you can have a Houston security guard service make routine patrols in and around the association grounds, parking lots, and homes. These professionals can also monitor CCTV cameras and playback tapes when not on patrol. They can check for incidents, intruders, and any unusual behavior that might need to be investigated. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing your HOA is being monitored by professionals.

Western Eagle Security – A Professional Houston Security Guard Service

Call Western Eagle, (281) 496-6800, to get an initial appraisal of your security guard needs and an estimate of coverage. Our Houston security guard service can provide a routine number of guards and beef up those numbers for special events. Visit our website and use our convenient contact form. Or, send an email:

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