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Security guards play a critically important role in safeguarding peoples, property and assets. While the job is diverse ranging from maintaining order and preventing thefts – working as a security guard is a high risk and mundane job. Despite the perception of the role being relatively straightforward, security guards face a multitude of issues. Let’s delve into some of the top challenges faced by security guards in their profession.

Risk of Physical Danger

Working as a security guard involves a significant risk of physical danger due to the nature of the job. Guards frequently confront thieves, vandals, and other criminals, which can lead to potentially harmful encounters. In addition to that, security guards are often the first people to face emergency situations like fire or medical emergencies which can increase the risk of physical injuries. They are also often caught in hostile encounters like night clubs which may also contribute to the physical dangers inherent in their role as a security guard.

Mundane Tasks Everyday

Security guard as a profession is a mundane job. Guards are patrolling the same area, monitoring CCTV and checking identifications. This can become monotonous and lead to boredom and decreased alertness over time.

Long and Irregular Working Hours

As a security guard, you must not have defined working hours. While some days can seem short, other days you must sit through long and irregular hours. This round the clock coverage can lead to fatigue, physical stress and sleep disturbances affecting both physical and mental health.

Dealing With Unpredictable Situations

Security guards are the first point of contact in unpredictable situations. From dealing with misbehaving crowds to responding to emergencies, the unpredictability involved in their jobs makes it extremely challenging. This can require thinking on their toes and adapting to changing situations in order to prevent serious harm.

Psychological Stress and Isolation

Working alone during night shifts and constant vigilance can be a leading cause for mental stress and fatigue. Many guards who are working alone, especially during night shifts, report the feeling of isolation and loneliness. They also deal with frequent aggressive behaviors which are emotionally draining.

Physical Health Risk

If you are working as a security guard, it may accompany some major physical health risks too. Long hours of standing, patrolling and occasions engaging in physical confrontation can take a toll on your physical health such as muscle strain, joint ache etc. Irregular sleeping routines can also lead to deteriorating physical health.

Low Pay and Job Security

Security guard positions are often low paying relative to the risks and responsibilities involved which can lead to financial stress. Many security guard jobs are contract based which can lead to job insecurity and frequent job changes.

Final Words

Despite the outlook of fulfillment in security guard jobs, it has its fair share of challenges including mundanity, long working hours, physical health implications, unpredictable situations, low pay and job insecurity.

While challenges seem inevitable, security guards at Western Eagle Security outweigh all of them. Call us at (281) 496-6800 for more information.

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