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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of hospitals?

You probably imagine a neat, clean, and well-maintained area. A place that’s always running up to order and has no security concerns to worry about. But as lovely as that sounds, it’s not entirely true.

Hospitals are easily compromised. Perhaps not in the way you’d expect. You won’t find masked men breaking in and causing a scene. However, things do tend to get strenuous with the number of people coming in and out of the hospital doors. Plus, emergency wards are more likely to experience high-tension situations. That’s precisely why hospitals need professional security.

Top Misconceptions People Have About Hospital Security

Despite being packed with diverse people from all over the place, there’s still this misconception that hospitals don’t require security. In reality, healthcare
facilities of all kinds need special protocols to manage and take care of the overall space. But not everyone seems to agree.

Here are some of the common misconstrued ideas people have regarding hospitals and their security maintenance:

“Hospitals Don’t Need Security!”

No matter the type of healthcare facility, security is a primary concern. Sure each place has its own set of rules and regulations, but when it comes to hospitals, strict actions should be taken. This is especially when people break these protocols and go rogue. Even though there may not be anything serious, the basic code of conduct for medical practices should be followed. With proper security, those who breach these rules can face the proper punishment they need.

“There Are No Security Concerns at a Hospital.”

Not all security breaches are the same. Sure, there’s a lower chance of a heist taking place at a hospital. But the chances of patients getting frustrated and acting out are sadly too common. For instance, a visitor might try to force their way in after visiting hours have ended, causing a huge commotion. Maybe someone in the emergency ward would act out after being told to wait. These instances might not seem extreme, but they’re disruptive nonetheless.

“CCTV Cameras Are Way Better Than Hiring Physical Guards”

CCTV cameras are great for monitoring what goes on inside the walls of a healthcare facility. However, there needs to be a guard watching the footage too. Only a trained eye can detect something going on and act accordingly. Moreover, to stop a situation from escalating, physical guards are necessary.

“Stationing Guards Outside Will Scare The Patients”

Rather than scaring them off, guarded security officers outside the hospital’s gates will ensure stronger security. The patients and visitors coming in will stay alert. The thought of being watched will remain in the back of their mind keeping them from getting into trouble.

“Armed Security Guards Are Unnecessary For Hospitals”

If anything, armed and trained security guards are a great asset. They’re essential in case of difficult situations. Although these may not always arise, it’s crucial to stay safe rather than sorry. Not to mention, hospital administrators are responsible for all those who step inside their facility. This is why properly armed guards are a huge and beneficial addition to a hospital’s security system.

The Final Takeaway

To sum it all up, despite the misconceptions people may have, hospital security is extremely crucial. From guards to proper maintenance, each and every regulation set in place needs to be followed. This will ensure that everyone who visits the healthcare facility will be safe, sound, and well-cared for.

If you own a healthcare facility and want to hire professional security, reach out to Western Eagle at (281) 496-6800.

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