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A museum is an important part of any culture, city, or country. Museums are where priceless artifacts are kept for storage and public appearance, and they are priceless not only in terms of monetary value but also in terms of cultural and historical perspective. Here the biggest risk for artifacts is not theft, but the environment is. The reason is that when the artifacts are not displayed for public viewing, they are kept in private storage areas. Any alteration or damage to these areas can result in damage to artifacts. This means that the security of a museum should be flawless to keep the artifacts safe in every means.

Here are just a few recommended practices for the protection of museums and their belongings.

Security Guards

The first and foremost measure is the presence of guards both outside and inside the museums. The guards at the entrance of the museum are the first line of defense. They are responsible for keeping a check on visitors and anyone else coming in and out of the museum. They can make sure nothing harmful like weapons enter the premises, and no one harms the public and the property.

Some museums may not allow clicking pictures on specific days or events. Here the guards can make sure no one enters with a camera or people don’t use their mobile phone to do so.

Video surveillance

Just like the presence of security guards in a museum is very important, the same is the case with video surveillance. It is necessary because the guards alone cannot keep an eye on every corner of the museum.


Burglar alarms, smoke detectors, and other alike work as an extra wall of defense. They can detect anything that goes beyond normal range or routine and notify the relevant authorities.

There is a lot more to these suggested practices. So if you want to know more in detail, please feel free to call Western Eagle Security at 281 496 6800. We would be glad to answer you.

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