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People might shy away from music festivals due to pre disposed connotations of it being too over-crowded, loud, with increased chances of sexual harassment or other unforeseen accidents and unaccounted incidents.

While all of this is correct about security threats at musical festivals, here are some solutions for better safety at such events so that attendees can enjoy the experience fully.

Comprehensive Security

It is important to have a well-integrated security system to ensure safety of artists and attendees.

  • Entrance security should include strict checking of bags and other personal items
  • One or more security checkpoints can ensure extra safety
  • Metal detectors to prevent prohibited items to enter the space
  • Security guards at every interval is a must
  • People without tickets should be strictly kept on hold

Emergency Response Plans

  • Make sure the staff is well communicated with tasks and responsibilities in case of emergenciesDebrief attendees with a clear emergency response plan
  • Use sign boards to signal emergency exits for better crowd management
  • Install visible fire extinguishers at regular intervals

Weather-related Emergencies

  • Be prepared with required equipment for any weather related emergencies
  • Keep in check weather forecast and keep an option available for postponing the event
  • Make shelters available as necessary adjustments

Medical Stalls

  • Two or more doctors should be on standby for any medical related emergency
  • First-aid kits should be available in case of minor injuries

Anti-Harassment Policies

  • It should be made clear that harassment is a zero tolerance policy
  • Ensure a proper mechanism for reporting cases and strict action thereafter

Virtual Surveillance

With ever-growing technology, security has transpired beyond physicality; with the occurrence of virtual surveillance. Security systems need a proper integration of physical and virtual aspects to create a safer environment. Security cameras’ provide an uninterrupted check on a designated space and are helpful to retain evidence for future reference.

Collaboration with Stakeholders

A successful event is a result of clear collaboration of multiple stakeholders. Security companies should work closely with the event organizers to ensure all security measures are integrated within the planning and execution.

Security Related Marketing

Security measures should be well communicated through marketing campaigns regarding the musical event. And whatever is communicated should be implemented thoroughly.

Lost and Found

It is quite common for someone to misplace their belonging in an overcrowded place. A designated lost and found is of utmost importance. It gives people a sense of security when it comes to items being misplaced.

Concluding Remarks:

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