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With all the things we can do on our smartphones today, did you know that you can use them to track your security? Many security systems now come with apps that you can put on your phone to either watch security footage or receive notifications about security issues at home.

For example, you can configure an app to tell you if any of your windows or doors have been left open, or unlocked. You can also use them on doors like your liquor cabinet or your medicine cabinet if you have children around. You can even set them up for thieves who try to break in via window — you’ll get an alert that a window has been damaged.

Of course, getting alerts about something means nothing if you can’t also view camera footage of your home. If you can’t get home right away, or you’re on vacation, having cameras installed is even more beneficial. You can use them to investigate after getting an alert, check to see if your children or other guests made it home safely, and even on your pets.

That’s not all, either. You can also manage lights and thermostat controls from your phone. Say that you prefer to have the lights off during the day when your child is in school — when they come home, you can use the camera to see that they got home safely and turn on the lights for them. If you’re away on vacation and there’s sudden cold weather, you can adjust the thermostat remotely to compensate.

Yes, there’s a lot you can do all from your smartphone. Home security has never been easier, but don’t forget to keep these apps on your phone private and the phone locked to you. If you lose your phone or leave it behind somewhere, you don’t want some random stranger being able to see into your home!

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