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Homeowners’ associations keep your community more pleasant and keep the value of property high. That is why security guards are essential elements for HOAs, so do you think your association should hire one? If you want to make your community and neighbors safer, look at the facts about hiring a security officer for your HOA.

Can the HOA Afford a Security Officer?

The expenses of hiring a security guard will come out of the HOA funds, which are collected every month. There are two types of HOA funds: common expenses and reserved funds. Common expenses cover landscaping for common areas and hiring a security guard. If a security guard’s requirement is only for a particular event such as a Halloween party, the funds will come out of the reserve fund.

Does the Property Have Lots of Common Areas?

Whether the security officer stays in one place or monitors the whole area depends on your needs. The security officer will make sure no one trespasses any property.

However, there is a special need for security officers if you have many common areas in HOA. The common areas include parks, lakes, pools, clubhouses. These areas are a prime target for criminals, and if anyone from the outside can access the neighborhood, it is even more alarming.

The security officers can also help better manage the traffic and parking in these common areas. For instance, if anyone from the outside tries to invade the common area, the security guards can recognize the cars that don’t belong to the neighborhood. The guards can take necessary action to stop them from using the HOA facilities for which they don’t pay.

Are you looking to hire security officers for your HOA and neighborhood? Call Western Eagle Security at 281 496 6800 and get help from the experts.

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