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Given the number of products that pass through them every day, warehouses are fertile grounds for burglars and vandals. These practices can only be curbed, or at least reduced, by strong policies. If you are a warehouse owner or manager, here are some helpful tips:

Staff management is important

All employers like to believe that their personnel is trustworthy. In reality, most major thefts require the participation of at least one inside man. Implement staff management policies that safeguard your goods. Run extensive background checks before hiring anybody. Furthermore, use a multi-worker system to ensure that no one person is left alone with valuable products.

Shipping and receiving sectors need constant monitoring

Theft, losses, and product mishandling mostly happen at intake, or when goods are being shipped out. With detailed shipping logs, you know how much product to expect. By taking inventory frequently and comparing them to the logs, you know if any packages are missing. Hiring a couple of security guards to monitor these sectors is another way to shore up security.

Storage areas require added security

Avoiding theft and product mishandling at intake is just the first step. Once these products get to the storage, they are vulnerable again. Your storage area needs to be burglar-proof; ensure that there are no easy entry/exit points. If you store valuable goods in your warehouse, look into employing round-the-clock security guards to keep them secure.

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