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Whether on foot or in a vehicle, there are certain techniques a security patrol should use to make their job safer and more effective. Some of these techniques are common sense tips, while others should be ingrained in every security guard’s operating procedures. These techniques are not listed in any particular order, as who can say which security patrol technique is more important. Is it more important to wear comfortable shoes for patrol or to be less predictable? The obvious answer is unpredictability, but after a few hours in a pair of uncomfortably tight shoes, you might change your answer.

Of course, the focus of any technique is to keep your security patrol safe, but just as important is protecting your client’s assets. Therefore, let’s take a look at a few things you can incorporate into your patrol’s standard operating procedures.

Wear Comfortable Footwear

A good pair of sturdy, rubber-soled shoes is a must for a security patrol on foot. Since you never know when the plans for your patrol might change, and suddenly your vehicle patrol turns into a foot patrol, always err on the side of sensibility. Plan to walk for your entire shift and don’t forget, circumstances might make it necessary to run during your shift, too. So, make sure your shoes are up to the challenge and you are fit for the task.

Keep Security Patrol Routes Unpredictable

Never use the same route twice during a shift, change it up, so intruders can’t use your routine against you. Give corners a wide berth, so you’re not caught off guard while on a security patrol. During planning, intruders will often watch their target closely and make notes of routine patrols. The more unpredictable your patrols are the safer you will be.

Maintain Your Gear and Gun

Maintenance of your weapons and other defensive gear could mean the difference between life and death; it’s that important. Not all situations allow a security patrol to be armed, so make sure your defensive gear is maintained and in good working order as well. While you’re in a tussle with an intruder is no time to find out your taser is not working or not even on your belt.

Keep Your Distance

It is particularly important to keep a safe distance between you and an intruder when you’re alone. Maintain eye contact and have the intruder kneel on the ground with fingers interlocked behind their head until assistance arrives.

Stop Periodically – Just Look and Listen

While you’re patrolling, your gear makes a lot of noise, and it is difficult to see any other movement while you are moving. Stop occasionally and look around. It’s kind of like that railroad track warning we received as kids, “Stop, Look, and Listen.”

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