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Getting the most from a security patrol company for your business or homeowners association (HOA) starts with hiring the right local firm. A regional or national firm might fulfill all the requirements but may be too big to provide the personal touch your business deserves. If you have a firm you’re happy with, you should notchange. In fact, you should make more of an effort to get the most out the firm you’re with now.

Basic Requirements of a Security Patrol Company

Even when you already have a security company under contract, reviewing these standards could help you get the most out of your relationship with them. If you are still looking, use this checklist to help you find a professional and reliable security patrol company. Here are some of the necessities you must verify:

  • A stellar reputation
  • Bonafide references
  • Background checks
  • A drug screening program
  • Training, weapons, and equipment
  • Sound, experienced leadership
  • Current state license
  • Frequent random supervisor checks
  • Workers’ Compensation that meets or exceeds statutory minimums
  • Current liability insurance of at least $1 million per incident/$3 million total

Frequent Meetings With Leadership

You should have someone from upper management of the security patrol company on speed dial and vice versa. They should be able to track their security personnel on a smartphone app and provide daily reports and emergency updates.

Regular meetings do not need to be formal but can just as easily take place by phone. However, you should schedule a quarterly sit-down to discuss performance and specific plans for additional guards or armed guards for special events. Just assuming a company can meet your needs for added assets might leave you without adequate coverage.

An easy way to enhance security and performance is to state your requirements upfront. Let management know if you are unhappy with their guard’s performance. Likewise, you should let them know if someone’s performance is exemplary, as well. Regular feedback will assist your security patrol company in improving their services to you.

Frequent Spot-Checks

Random spot checks of security at your business or HOA can help you get the most out of your security guards. When you or someone from management drop by unannounced, you can determine a lot about how the guards are performing their duties. Check to ensure the guards are receiving “site-specific training.” Each guard, before they are posted, should receive specific instructions about their post. A few questions about their duties will let you know if they have been briefed and understand what their duties are. If they weren’t briefed or don’t understand their job, get that fixed right away.

Verify Certification and Training

Verify state certification and training requirements and ensure compliance. Although it is the security patrol company’s responsibility for certification and training, if there is an incident, you could be held partially responsible. What’s more, your reputation is at stake, as well as theirs, so don’t risk it. As the saying goes:An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Choose a Quality LocalSecurity Patrol Company

If you are, for the most part, happy with your current security services, work with them, using the above steps, to improve your relationship. However, if you are having problems with them, they refuse to work with you or you are still looking, consider Western Eagle Security, the local professionals you can trust.

Western Eagle Security –Your Local Security PatrolProfessionals

Call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800 for an on-site appraisal of the security patrol needs of your business or HOA. Likewise, you can use our convenient contact form or send us an email,

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