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When it comes to a Homeowners Association community or a thriving business interest, you can never be too safe. You can have security alarms and security cameras in your community or at your business and crime will still happen without on-site security personnel. In order to further reduce the chance of becoming a victim, you should hire a security patrol to watch over your property.

On Site Guards

This is a popular option for a security patrol. A guard can be armed or unarmed, but they will be in a uniform so they can be recognized by residents and intruders. They can patrol a specific area on foot or in a vehicle. They will observe all the action that is going on and stop illegal activity. They can also use a CCTV system to keep an eye on the grounds.

Security Patrol Services

There are a number of security patrol services offered when you are in need of extra protection. We can have someone on site 24 hours a day or they can be reserved for specific time periods. We can also have guards on call in case an alarm is set off or if they are needed. These guards can also act as gate control personnel and check vehicles that are entering a facility or a private community. They can get the name of the people that are visiting and their identification if required, in case anything happens. They can be hired to provide protection for special events including company gatherings, private parties, and other events where guards are needed to keep an eye on everyone in attendance.

Western Eagle Security – Your Place for Security Patrol Solutions

When in need of a trustworthy security patrol you should call the professionals at Western Eagle Security. These guards are highly trained and background checks are performed before they are hired. The professionals at Western Eagle Security only provide guards for security patrols after they have received training and know the rules of engagement. They will patrol anything that you need from grounds owned by Homeowners Associations to warehouses and other businesses. They will keep your property safe and the residents secure in their peace of mind. What’s more, your residents will enjoy a lower homeowners insurance premium because of the reduced risks.

When you need an initial or annual security assessment for your company, call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800 or visit our website and complete the convenient contact form to set up an area assessment to determine your security patrol needs. We can determine how many security guards you will need to set up a security patrol to make the most of your security dollars to protect your resources. Or, send us an email:

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