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Have you ever awakened and wondered if you are in the right career field? Ever wondered what other careers are out there that would allow you to feel better about going to work every day? One profession in high demand these days is security guard. A professional security guard position can fulfill a need for excitement and can be a gratifying career choice.

Though it does have its pros and cons, like any profession, being a security guard allows you to experience something new every day. You can increase your training skills and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Plus, you will know you protect lives and business assets daily.

Gone are the days of the sleepy night security guard. Today’s guards are professionally trained and monitored. Extensive background checks eliminate applicants with checkered pasts and drug and alcohol abusers. Even those who pass the rigorous background checks are given random drug tests and trained in weapons and the use of deadly force.

The Importance of a Trained and Ready Security Guard

A security guard plays a significant role in many different businesses and residential areas. You will see these professionally trained, uniformed guards in banks, shopping malls and Home Owner Associations (HOAs).

According to Safewise, most criminals are in and out of a home or commercial enterprise in fewer than ten minutes. Because criminals are increasing their business- and home-breaking skills, a professionally trained security team is necessary to protect a business’ assets.

The risk of burglary in businesses and HOAs decrease significantly with the presence of a security guard. Break-ins are far less likely in commercial warehouses and retail stores that have a physical presence of security guards and patrols.

Criminals are less likely to break in when they know there is an increased chance of getting caught. The physical presence of security patrols and guards is a deterrent burglars and intruders cannot ignore. A security guard’s presence can prevent significant losses and insurance claims, making them highly-sought professionals.

Professional Security Guard: Your Next Career?

There are many different types of security fields you can go into: hospital, residential, commercial, high-tech cyber environments, etc. If you think security may be a rewarding career, contact one of the best security companies the state of Texas has to offer: Western Eagle Security.

As more businesses grow and develop, the demand for security officers will continue to rise. As long as there are businesses and residential HOAs, there will always be a need for security professionals to guard and watch over their properties.

You can get more information regarding getting started on your path to becoming a security guard by contacting Western Eagle Security. Likewise, when you need a quality security guard team, the professionals at Western Eagle are here to help.

Your Provider of Trained-and-Ready Security Guards in Houston

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