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We often get the news of incidents taking place at a secured office as well. It is difficult to avoid certain incidents, however, there are many that can be prevented if there is no security compromise.

Common reasons of security compromise

People while working at an office become habitual and may not take safety rules seriously. This can lead to some incidents. There are several reasons that can be a cause of security compromise:

  1. Workers might show a casual attitude towards the safety rules. For the following the safety rules is not as important as their work.
  2. Workers may become lenient in giving access to the workplace even to strangers. This may cause harm to property as well as life.
  3. There might be some stubborn workers who do not like following rules. They prefer to work as per their own will.
  4. Many people ignore the security alarms which becomes dangerous. For them vacating the building when the alarm goes off is not mandatory. This then leads to injuries and property loss.
  5. Employees who work for many years at the same office become habitual of the rules and therefore do not follow them. Rules do not hold much value for such workers.

Effects of security breach

A security breach can be a reason for serious loss to property as well as human life. When people ignore the rules it may lead to the following:

  1. Some offices might experience theft as access in the office is provided to everybody without a proper check.
  2. There are times when people might face injuries when they do not follow the security rules. For example, if the workers do not wear a helmet in a warehouse they might experience a head injury.
  3. When people purposely ignore following the safety rules it might lead to the death of certain employees.

Western Eagle takes complete care in ensuring that your security needs are met. However, employees also need to follow the set rules. If you need any further information please call our office.

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