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Security Company Houston Texas

Quality Control

Western Eagle Security seeks to maintain a professional and customer focused service through constant inspections, review, training and continuous improvement.

  • Field Inspectors conduct scheduled and random assessments each day.
  • Shift Officers are visited each day.
  • Discrepancies are logged and shared accordingly with clients.
  • Property assessments for hazardous conditions, rule violations, safety matters, etc. are documented and reported to management.
  • Uniform inspections are conducted unannounced each week.
  • Performance reviews of all staff are conducted every 6 months where documentation is a key component.
  • Serious incident reports are documented and investigated by management and appropriate action is enforced.
Quality control supervisors

Our Experience, Quality Control Supervisors, Accountability, Dedicated Management Team, Complete Range of Security Services, Carefully Screened Security Guards, and Rapid Response are the reasons to Choose Western Eagle Security.

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