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In today’s day and age, it seems like cameras are everywhere from our phones to even mounted above our traffic lights. However, security cameras almost seem to be a little behind; it’s not uncommon to see tv shows where the security guards are easily distracted from their screens or the cameras have been interfered with. Some people might even think — well, why bother, they don’t seem to work.

That’s silly. Of course security cameras work! However, you can’t just expect to leave a camera somewhere and expect that it’ll be fine. Cameras require upkeep, from the basic actions like cleaning the screen to replacing something cracked or broken. If you want a rotating camera for a larger area, it’s even more important to perform regular maintenance. It may seem like a bit of a pain for extra security, but when everything’s in good working order and you’re getting a steady picture, you’ll change your mind.

Some people think that you have to have an incredibly advanced knowledge of technology. Sure, it doesn’t hurt, but many camera systems are designed for people who don’t. There’s no need to build an entire camera room for all the different views you’re getting either; many camera systems can actually send their feeds straight to your phone, via a connected app. You’ll be able to pick and choose how you view the feeds, so it isn’t overwhelming. Plus, being able to see and manipulate cameras from your phone is a lot easier than having to go and manually do everything.

Though, if you really like the idea of a security camera system, but don’t want to monitor it yourself, that’s simply something you can ask your security team to do. Or perhaps you can eliminate cameras altogether, and instead ask a security team to do continuous patrolling throughout the area. It’s possible to combine the two as well, which would give you the most control over your own security.

Either way, keeping an eye on your property never hurts.

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