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Do you need to reduce inventory shrinkage? The statistics on employee theft are staggering. As astonishing as it may seem, you may need to protect your inventory from the very people you hired to manage it. You might need to hire a security guard for round-the-clock surveillance.

A Security Guard Can Reduce Employee Theft

Have you recently completed an inventory check only to discover missing supplies, products, and merchandise? This inventory loss could be due to employee pilferage and could be very damaging to your bottom line. What’s more, you will need to repurchase inventory that was already on your shelves.

Missing inventory and supplies can be particularly damaging during peak seasons. If your employees look for certain supplies and cannot find them, their work might get interrupted. Likewise, you might lose business when merchandise is out of stock if customers feel they must go elsewhere to buy what they have purchased from you in the past.

You paid a lot for that point of sale (POS) cash register that helps control inventory with alerts to notify you of stock that’s been sold. Unfortunately, a POS cash register does not manage employee pilferage.

Employee theft rates are very high. According to an article from Brandon Gaille Small Business Marketing & Advice, “27 Jaw Dropping Employee Theft Statistics” dated May 25, 2017, “The Chamber of Commerce estimates 75% of employees steal from the workplace. Most of which do so repeatedly.”

Additionally, CBS News claims the average organization might lose 5-7 percent of its annual revenue from various types of employee fraud or thievery. What they can’t measure is the amount you lose from clients who go elsewhere (and who might never come back) because you did not have what they needed. Your best protection could be a security guard.

Hire a Professional Security Guard

Some offices, stores and warehouses are accessible at all hours of the day. Usually, management will only be on-site during daytime hours. Most employee theft takes place after the owner or management has left for the day.

With a security guard, you can secure your inventory 24/7/365. The mere presence of a professional security guard will scare away pilfering fingers. A security guard can make regular and random patrols to survey your store and inventory storage areas.

They can concentrate on specific areas, per your instructions. A security guard will not only protect your business from intruders but can help reduce incidences of employee theft.

Western Eagle Security – Security Guards You Can Trust in Houston

As a business owner, you want to maintain tight inventory control, and you need to have the items on your shelves your customers require. We at Western Eagle Security can provide you with professionally trained and equipped security guards. Our security personnel provide you with the eyes and ears you need in your business. We can give you peace of mind.

Call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800, to discuss your security needs today. Send us your questions, Visit the website to use our convenient contact form to set up an appointment for a FREE appraisal today.

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