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When it comes to your home, you’re the king of the castle. However, even a king has to mind security details, and even though you might be on top of everything, here are a few quick tips just in case!

  • Have carbon monoxide detectors?
  • Before bringing an extension cord outside for use, make sure it says it’s suitable for outdoor appliances.
  • Do you have a smoke detector on every floor? Did you know that dirt buildup can interfere with their sensors?
  • Upgrade your smoke alarms to be interlinked, so that if the one in the basement goes off, the one on the third floor will too.
  • Before leaving for a trip, inform a trustworthy neighbor—and discreetly; don’t yell it across driveways.
  • Abstain from posting pictures of your vacation on social media until you get back home.

These may seem like small, inconsequential things to you, but every step towards home security is an important one to take. Security is not about protection after something happens — it’s protection so that something never happens.

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