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When you’re looking for personal security, what do you want? Other than a trained security team! You want a company that values you. You want a team that’s working for you, not for the check. You don’t want to be anonymous to them. Western Eagle Security takes personal security seriously — and personally.

When Protection Is Personal

Western Eagle Security started out as a Houston company, but that doesn’t mean our protection stops at Houston borders! No way. With our branch in Austin, we can cover a variety of cities, like Frisco or San Marcus. We’re not a generic security company, with ports all over the United States either. Those kind of companies don’t care; they don’t know where they work, and they don’t know how to do the best work where they are. No, as a Houston-based company, we understand and love the cities we work in.

We’re a local security company, and that makes all the difference. When you come to us, what you’re getting is a team dedicated to you, the client. We’ll treat you like you’re the only client we have at that moment — every member of our team will. Getting to know our client and understanding their reasons for personal security is paramount to our success. Whether you need one team for a small work event, or you need full-time security walking around your property, your importance to us will be the same.
We know that this is good for business, but it goes beyond that. This is good for people. The security business relies on trust — on our client trusting us when we say that we’ve got the best security for the job. When a client trusts us, they’ll ask us back and back again to provide security, because they understand we’ll do everything we can to ensure their safety. Sure, it’s good business — but because we’re a local security company, you know we care beyond that.
Choose personal, because when you need security, it’s the right choice.

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