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Today, it is difficult to imagine any business without the services of an industrial security team. A private industrial security company can provide the right level of protection for your business. In decades past, it was sufficient to hire a night watchman. Now, however, there is so much more to industrial security. The protection of trade secrets and other classified information demands a higher level of security.

The need for a night watchman, and a doorman to ensure employees are not holding the door open for pizza delivery or other unauthorized personnel may not be enough anymore. Additional measures are needed now more than ever. Keyless entry into some areas may require retinal scanners or other methods of identifying those who wish to enter classified areas.

Western Eagle Security is the leader in industrial security and protection. A fully detailed appraisal of your security needs is your best bet against intrusion and industrial spying.

Depend on Us for the Industrial Security You Need

For years we have made partnerships with clients both large and small in the Houston area. That is because any establishment that strives to provide a quiet and comfortable yet secure working environment for its employees and clients must make sure their organization has reliable security.

Western Eagle Security is an organization of professionals who are fully trained in providing industrial security, both physical and virtual. We hire local professionals and train them to recognize threats to your businesses, homes, and homeowners’ associations.

We work hard for our clients. That is why we are proud of our well-deserved reputation. This is confirmed by the feedback from our loyal customers and the continuing growth of our customer base.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Today, there are a great many private security firms, but only a few are worthy of your respect and trust in the Houston area. Intrusions and vandalism can occur any time, so the services of security companies remain valid. But often, when faced with such organizations for the first time, people do not know where to start and how to avoid mistakes. The best place to start is with an industrial security appraisal. Let us tell you where your vulnerabilities are and where we can help you.

A group of trained guards may be the answer or simply a monitored industrial security system. This is what we do! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Western Eagle Security – Your Industrial Security Professionals

Call Western Eagle Security to submit a request for a security appraisal, at (281) 496-6800. Visit our website and use our convenient contact form, or you can send an email to

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