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Security guards are a necessity for having a good party. They monitor the venue while providing safety and security for guests and clients. Whether your party is at home, a public setting, or even a restaurant, there are countless risks and liabilities related to injuries, unforeseeable circumstances, and so many reasons to hire a security guard for private parties.

Investing in quality private security is worth it since it provides a sound environment and peace of mind. Highly trained guards at Western Eagle Security prevent unwelcome guests from getting into the party, but they also make the event enjoyable for everyone by keeping the venue safe.

Some of the most common private party problems include robbery, fights, and the appearance of unwanted guests. Moreover, you never know if any of your guests show up with weapons. Therefore the presence of guards is of utmost importance to make sure the party goes smooth.

Types of Private Parties Include:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Religious Events
  • Birthday
  • Holiday
  • Wedding
  • Graduation
  • Bachelor party

Our friendly and cooperating staff at Western Eagle Security will cooperate with you to design a unique security plan for your event.

Our guards are subject to courses and examinations to sharpen their instincts and train them for all possible circumstances. Furthermore, our guards specialize in conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics to make sure all incidents are resolved immediately. This also helps ensure the safety of lives and property at all events.

These are some of the responsibilities of our guards at parties such as:

  • Monitoring alarms
  • Identifying visitors
  • Monitoring windows
  • Guarding against theft
  • Walking guests to their vehicles
  • Monitoring entrances and exits

Our security officers are trained to protect and safeguard what you value most while providing outstanding customer service and communication.

We invite you to contact us to see how our guards can be a valuable asset to your next event. Call us today at 281 496 6800. 

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