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A business owner should understand the importance of an armed security guard to their business. Businesses such as banks, jewelry stores, and other high-value suppliers must use armed security guards. Armed guards may not always be required, but the security guard service you use should be able to supply state-certified level III armed security guards when required for everyday use, or for special events. Since the security of your business and family must be your priority, you need to make sure you get the best service you can find.

Although there are many security service companies out there, they are different when it comes to the service they provide. Therefore, it is your responsibility to get the best company for your business so that they deliver what you expect. Here are some of the tips to help you get the bestarmed security guardservice possible.

Must Have Vast Experience in the Security Field

Make sure you choose a security firm that has more than five years of experience in the security industry. Note that experience is valuable since it implies the business has been offering the service for a long time and has the required experience in dealing with security issues. This will make you feel more secure since you know that you are under the protection of experience supplying armed security guards.

Must Have a Strong Reputation in the Community

Checking the Better Business Bureau and State licensing agencies can provide you with an idea about complaints registered against the service. Also, make sure they carry the minimum state-required liability insurance.

Conduct a background check and read online reviews on Yelp and other local referral agencies to find the most reliable company. You can also talk to other business owners to get referrals.

Must Meet or Exceed State Requirements for Armed Security Guards

Keep in mind a security guard is an officer who protects private property and ensures the safety of the public, personnel, staff, and customers. They work for retail shops, security firms, armored car services, and private companies. They provide visible security, engage in random patrolling, perform video surveillance, and can make a citizen’s arrest when necessary to handle emergency situations.

Most importantly, an armed security guard is equipped with a variety of weapons, depending on the location and type of security needed. Some guards carry handguns or rifles, while those who work in a mall carry a baton. No matter what kind of weapon a security guard uses, even a baton, Texas state requires weapons training before they can get certified as a commissioned officer (armed security guard). Comprehensive training and explicit instruction must be given, particularly regarding under which circumstances weapons can be used.

Requirements for a Texas Armed Security Guard

All security guards in Texas must be at least 18 years old and must meet general fitness requirements. They must have excellent morals and stable mental background, with no criminal or drug use record as an adult. Also, they must complete an approved training program at Level II. And then, Level III certification, which includes weapons training to become an armed security guard. Those who complete training and show competence with weaponscanget issued a Level III certificate.

After a commissioned officer must have two-years’ experience, and theymust complete the state-approved school for security guard management in Austin to get certified as a security guard supervisor, which every security guard service in Texas is required to have.

Western Eagle Security

Call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800 when you are in search of a reputable and certified armed security guard provider. We conduct background checks, training, the required random drug testing, equipping, and post-specific briefing for all our guards before they get posted. Use ourcontact formto get aFREE site-specific appraisal for your business.

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