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Horrific workplace tragedies continue to make headlines across America. Never before has office security and keeping employees safe been a more significant concern for employers. Taking a proactive approach now will help employers maintain a safe environment for staff and make them better prepared should a crisis occur in the workplace.

Violence in the Workplace

The numbers are staggering. Violence in the workplace is more commonplace today than in previous years. Nearly 2 million employees in the USA have been victims of violence while at work.

According to a December 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)news release, since its 2010 report was released, the number of employees killed in workplace violence has continued to rise. In 2016, violence increased to 23 percent of all workplace injuries and deaths, ahead of even slips, trips and falls, which had previously been second. Office violence has quickly become the second most common cause of death in the workplace, making office security number one priority for many employers.

Office Security Measures

Workplace violence can come from an employee inside the organization or from someone outside who is not an employee. In some cases, an outsider or former employee may target a business with the intent to harm and kill. Employers are beginning to take a proactive approach to office security by providing and maintaining a safe work environment for their employees. Employers concerned with the safety of their employees are installing security cameras at every entrance, securing all areas with key-card access and have chosen to hire private security guards, armed or unarmed.

In addition to securing the facilities and the decision to hire private security guards, many businesses are implementing a crisis plan and conducting drills, should a threat occur. These drills provide preparedness not just for the risk of workplace violence but can also in case of natural disasters or other unforeseen events. An essential element of office security is the awareness of people and surroundings. If something or someone looks wrong, it probably is.

Office Security: Being Prepared Is Critical

Violence in the workplace continues to rise. However, placing uniformed guards at entrances makes employees feel safe. While many think it won’t happen where they work, the reality is that it can happen anywhere. Being prepared is crucial to ensuring the safety of all employees. Don’t wait until after tragedy strikes to invest in the safety of your team. Visit Western Eagle Security for a free analysis of your office security needs or to hire private security guards.

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Office security is key to providing a safe workplace. Distraction-free employees are happier and more productive. Call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800, or visit our website to use the contact form to schedule an appointment for a FREE office security appraisal.

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