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In a typical office environment, full-time employees are spending the bulk of their days at work. The need to feel safe in a place where you spend a large amount of time is crucial to work performance. Office security is a major factor to aid in employees feeling safe. If employees feel safe, they will be more at ease at work, perform better and continue to be an asset in the workplace for years to come. A complete security package includes an authorized entry system, an automated security system, a parking lot security system and, most importantly, a physical security guard presence.

Plus, a security guard presence can protect workers from disgruntled former employees or employees that just snap for whatever reason. Once again, “a pound of prevention is worth a ton of cure,” so ensure you have some type of conflict resolution forum. If you feel hiring someone would cut too much into profits, there are some non-profit organizations you could enlist to perform this function.

Office Security: Authorized Entry

One of the ways businesses protect their employees is through an authorized entry system. This system only allows individuals with badges or bar codes to enter. However, this system alone falls short, as a criminal can gain access to a badge or code and still enter the building. Training on the proper safeguards for badges, key cards and codes should be implemented. For example, periodic warnings about people who appear to have their hands full so you unsuspectingly hold the door open for them. These illegal entry suspects are called “hitchhikers.”

Automated Systems

Automated office security systems function well to alert the authorities should an unauthorized individual enter the building. Within minutes the police will show up and, depending on the system, details like entry time and location will be recorded. Ensure all entry and exit points are well lit and secure. Again, this option works well when an intruder seeks to gain access to the building; however,the intruder can still enter without a physical deterrence.

The Car Park

A car park area can be designed to only allow certain individuals with passes into the parking lot. But, your employees will not feel safe in a dark car park. If you have ever had to walk through a dark car park, you know this to be true. Add bright lights and CCTVs to give your employees a better feeling of safety. Typically, a gate allows cars through. Again, this is a great way to deter criminals, but with a copy of the gate pass, an intruder will still be able to gain entry. A physical presence of security guards occasionally roaming the park will boost your employees’ feeling of safety.

The Complete Security Package

A complete office security package includes the most important factor: the visible presence of security guards. Criminals can gain access past technology; however, the physical presence of a security guard is a deterrent, unlike technology. Guards come to know the employees and the employees trust the guards. Employees will feel a complete sense of safety knowing they are spending the majority of their day in a safe work environment.

When you need answers to your office security needs, call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496 6800 or visit our website. Additionally, you could send an email: or fill out the convenient contact form and set-up a confidential consultation to determine your office security needs.

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