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Have you ever considered what criminals are thinking when they look at your office complex? What you do or the assets you have at your place of business don’t matter; there are plenty of opportunistic burglars who will take their chances on the assumption there are valuables to loot.

Cyber Criminals

If, like most businesses, you have the name of your company proudly displayed at the front of your office complex, it gives criminals a lead. In our age of technology, it is easy for criminals to find a wealth of information on a company by surfing the internet. That makes your offices a target at the click of a few buttons.

A well-trained security guard will understand the criminal mind and know how they acquire intelligence on your office complex. The security guard will work out a plan that effectively reduces the chances of criminals getting into the building, let alone reaching and removing assets.

Public Safety

The importance of protecting visitors and employees in your office building cannot be understated. With a security guard who is always looking out for threats, your visitors and employees will enjoy a higher level of safety. That sort of peace of mind is a crucial part of public safety when you are running a large office complex.

The very presence of a security guard is off-putting to a large percentage of criminals or individuals with ill intent. There are other buildings they can target that aren’t protected, making for a much easier score. Criminals generally don’t like taking risks, so they will avoid an office complex with a security guard on patrol.

On-Call Assistance

A security guard has an impressive skill set, making her or him a valuable asset to your company. The security guard in your office complex is always on call which means you or any employee can request assistance if there is a security issue.

When you hire a security guard, a protocol is created with agreement from both parties. You can roll this protocol out to your employees so that everyone knows how to follow assistance procedures. This has been proven to significantly reduce the instances of crime or assault in the workplace, if used effectively.

If you need more reasons why you should hire a security guard, call Western Eagle Security locally, in Texas, today. We will work in partnership with you to ensure your office complex remains a secure and safe space for all.