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If you run a retail company — anyone from the thousands of customers who frequent your shop could be a shoplifter. With shoplifting on the rise, many retailers are exploring different ways to prevent it. You do not need new gadgets or cool and expensive technology to deter shoplifters; a security guard can help put an end to mass shoplifting. Carry on reading this blog to know how they can be useful!

How Security Guards Can Stop Mass Shoplifting Before it Strikes

Here are a few ways security guards might be able to prevent shoplifting and keep your retail business safe:

  1. Communicating with the Retail Client
    The security guard service wants your retail shop to be protected using the best strategies possible. Therefore, they will communicate with you, especially around the holidays, to ask about any security changes you want to be implemented in your store. Whether you require new delivery procedures, additional security measures, or new security cameras — the security guard company will get the job done. Their priority is to keep you, their retail client, satisfied and the store protected from mass shoplifting!
  2. Increasing Number of Guards at High-Risk Locations
    Mass shoplifting might occur when a great number of people act at the same time in order to overwhelm the store and get away with their crime. To avoid this, the security team might increase the number of guards — even cover all the access points to monitor the store. Many times, clients are interested in hiring more guards around the holidays. Therefore, the security company will discuss the revised measures and new additions.
  3. Enforcing Customer Limits
    One popular way to tackle shoplifting is by limiting the number of people that can enter the store at a time. In this case, the security guard at the entrance can keep a count of the people entering the store, stopping when the set limit has been reached. By enforcing customer limits, shoplifters won’t get a chance to sneak in with the mass or commit crimes. It may require security guards with previous experience in customer service to perform this job.
  4. Reviewing Loss Prevention Requirements
    The security guard will review loss prevention plans again, making sure they are well-versed in the important points. This way, when someone exhibits signs of shoplifting, the security guards will know how to act on their feet, who to reach, and more. By knowing what decisions to make, the security guards will be prepared to take timely action.
  5. Adapting Monitoring Technique
    If the client has faced shoplifting once or more than once, it is important to update the strategies they use for monitoring. The security team will discuss the shoplifting problems with the store, including which products are being stolen and the high-risk areas. Then, a new monitoring technique will be discussed, changing the camera placement to monitor the correct locations. Other than this, security guards have the expertise and knowledge to implement other helpful majors.

Say Goodbye to Shoplifters

By contacting a security team, you can now finally bid farewell to the shoplifting problems. Our Western Eagle team is waiting to protect you and all you care about at 11201 Richmond Ave #108, Houston, TX 77082, United States. Dial (281) 496-6800 to talk to us about our security guard services!

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