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Violence against security guards in the Houston area and across the country is intensifying. There were two incidents of violence against Houston area security guards during the last week of January 2019.

Two Houston Security Guards Assaulted

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, an area father without permission tried to pick up his son from school. When approached by the security guard, he tried to run the guard over with his vehicle.

In another incident reported by the Houston Patch, three individuals assaulted a security guard, stole his weapon and fled the scene. These two incidents and others point to how dangerous the profession is and an increase in crime against security guards. However, if the guards weren’t there, who might get the brunt of these assaults?

The Security Guard: Providing a Deterrence

As good as the Houston Police Department (HPD) is, they cannot be everywhere when violence rears its ugly head. That’s what makes having a trained and ready security team so crucial to businesses, schools, and homeowner associations (HOA).

A uniformed security guard, whether armed or unarmed, provides deterrence against robberies and violence. Security specialists not only provide a strong deterrence, but they also give you and your employees peace of mind.

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