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Industrial security is essential for protecting your company’s resources. Frequent security checks and annual security assessments help protect against financial loss from theft or embezzlement. Financial loss in your growing company can be devastating; an investment in several cost-effective security measures ensures that your company’s resources remain safe.

Industrial Security at the Warehouse

Warehouses are spacious and difficult to protect from theft, as these spacious areas provide many blind spots for your surveillance cameras. These also store important resources used by your company that can be targeted. Implementing several security measures in your company warehouse deters theft and protects these resources. Stationing guards and placing security cameras can help keep your company warehouse secure from threats.

Security Cameras and Lighting for Perimeter Protection

Using security cameras and lights for perimeter protection are vital for deterring physical theft. If your company is robbed, security cameras can help determine the individuals responsible. Area lighting supports security cameras by providing the covered area with light to clearly identify individuals in video footage. An inexpensive yet effective measure within industrial security is the efficient use of cameras, perimeter lights and security guards.

Performing an Annual Security Assessment

Annual industrial security assessments ensure your company’s security methods are updated to protect against new or existing forms of theft. Updating physical security equipment and the inspection of business documents reveal potential or current security breaches in your company. Theft is not limited to stealing physical property; employees can also embezzle money from your company. Annual security assessments identify both physical external and internal theft risks.

Western Eagle Security – Best Industrial Security Solutions

Implementing industrial security measures for your company helps to prevent resource loss. Cost-effective security devices such as security cameras and perimeter lights can help prevent and document any physical threat. Regular security assessments keep your resources safe by identifying any potential threats to your company. With the number of potential threats to your company growing, having updated security measures is essential to keep your company safe.

When you need an initial or annual security assessment for your company, call Western Eagle Security at (281) 496 6800, or visit our website and complete the convenient contact form, to setup an area assessment to determine your industrial security needs. We will determine what additional lights, cameras or security personnel you may need to make the most of your security dollars to protect your resources. Or, send us an email:

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