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There are several precautionary steps you can follow to ensure your safety while walking at night. For example, make sure you walk with confidence at night. Avoid parking lots and dark alleyways where people can easily hide.

Stay Alert 

When walking alone at night, look forward and keep your head up. This will help you be aware of your surroundings.

  • To avoid looking distracted, do not use your cell phone while you walk. Looking at your cell phone makes you less aware of your surroundings and more vulnerable to surprise attacks.
  • Also, avoid using headphones as it reduces your awareness of your surroundings, and you might not hear somebody approach you from behind.

 Plan your route.

Make sure to plan your route. Knowing exactly where you will be going will boost your confidence. Walk at a steady pace, and walk facing traffic to keep yourself visible.

  • Do not panic if you get lost. Find the nearest filling station or fast-food restaurant to ask for directions.

Make sure your hands are free.

Keep your hands free at all times and maybe carry only a flashlight. This will help you to react if someone approaches you.

Use frequently used paths

Always use popular routes to decrease your chances of being alone while walking at night. Also, try to walk in familiar places, for instance, a neighborhood where residents know you.

Carry a deterrent.

Carry non-violent deterrents, like a whistle or pepper spray. The loud noise will let others know if something is wrong, and may deter potential attackers.

  • When using pepper spray, make sure the opening is facing away from you and towards your attacker.

Steer away 

If you smell something or someone suspicious in your way, change your route immediately.

For more details on safety tips while walking at night, feel free to contact Western Eagle Security at 281 – 496 – 6800.

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