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No matter how efficient, a security officer can not be at two places at once; hence, your security officer provider will always recommend you have more than one security officer.

Imagine during an emergency; how would you save your staff with just one security officer. But multiple factors determine how many security officers you need.

  • The first is the size of the location. If one officer can not patrol the entire area alone, you may need multiple security officers.
  • The second question is to understand how many valuables are there on the property? If it was a bank or a museum, chances are you may need multiple officers, whereas an office may need just one or two.
  • Another question is how many people are there at the facility? If we are discussing security at an event where you have over a hundred people, you will need multiple officers. In contrast, an office that usually houses 20-30 employees may need just one or two security officers.

Everything depends on whether the officers can see everyone, and can everyone see the officer? If the officer can not notice a crime due to the crowd, they have not served their purpose. That is why it is safer to have multiple security officers.

Similarly, a security officer is often the only eyewitness to a crime. If the property or events do not have CCTV cameras available, it may be essential to have multiple security officers onsite. Security officers also provide necessary customer service, such as guiding someone or helping them search for what they are looking for in the aisle. But that can only happen when multiple security officers are present, and the security of the property does not get affected.

At WE Security Inc, we are happy to guide you in deciding how many security officers you will need according to your needs, so feel free to call us at 713–703–9385. Our security team is well equipped for all your needs.

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