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For any business, time equals money. The more hours the employee gives, the more revenue generates. A common scam that is happening nowadays in the business world is time card fraud. It is similar to stealing money, as the employee says they worked a certain amount and takes payment for hours they actually didn’t work. To control such a crime, businesses have started hiring private investigative firms that tactfully investigate the matter without anyone knowing about it. This is a serious crime, and if no one takes action, the business can go towards bankruptcy in the future.

What does stealing time mean?

The crime can occur in any firm that pays employees based on the time they serve. Furthermore, the remote workers who maintain their timesheets and regularly submit it can cheat the business. As they sign in at the company site remotely, there is no one to monitor their screens. Out of numerous possibilities, here are a few examples;

  • The employee is connected online from a remote area, adding to the number of hours, but is doing other personal work that will not benefit the company
  • There might be a fake recording for the service hours, yet the employee might have started very late
  • Lunch and break time is not recorded, on the portal, whether it’s in the office or remotely

Role of the company

To reduce such fraud, the management, and human resource department need to be active. While hiring, employees should sign a form that stops them from such activities. Due to their acknowledgment, they will stay alert as the outcome could be worse. This will help the firm catch the individual in the future if any such crime occurs. In addition, they can have the matter handled by the authorities. Furthermore, there is a need to regularly check the timekeeping task and the amount of work done during those hours. A responsible person from the management has to have this responsibility so that no one can play tricks easily.

How will private investigative firms help?

If the company cannot track the individual who is committing the time card fraud, a private investigative firm can help. They can help identify the work output employees give as per their hours on duty. For example, they can check if an employee is working while logged in on the server but enjoying the basketball game on his TV. In addition, they can check a salesperson who left the office for a client’s meeting; that was not on the schedule. The investigator will collect evidence, including pictures and videos, using which the firm can terminate the employee. The proofs will help the company if the employee files a case against termination. Even before finalizing the candidate for hire, the investigative firm will thoroughly check his background to avoid mistakes. Hence, it can be of much use in tackling time card fraud and catching the thief who did the crime.

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