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If you want to know how do home security systems work, you need to know what a standard home security system consists of. A home security system usually consists of a home panel, motion sensors, wireless sensors, door and window sensors, security cameras, and an alarm to warn you in the case of a forced entry or burglary.

How Does The Door And Window Sensors Work?

There are sensors are in place on the doors and windows that the burglar may use to enter or exit the facility; such sensors are made of two parts. The first of which is placed on the door or the window and the other on the frame or on the window sill. Together these two parts form an electrical circuit. If someone opens the door or window after you have armed the security system, the alarm goes off.

How Does The Alarm Work?

The alarm, or the siren; is loud enough for the neighbors to hear so that if there is a burglary; the neighbors can call the police.

How Do The Surveillance Cameras Work?

We recommend that you place the surveillance cameras at entry points. Since you can access them remotely, you can make sure that your home is safe if you’ve gone a vacation. Similarly, in the case of a burglary, the footage from the camera can be helpful in identifying the burglars.

How Does The Control Panel Work?

The control panel is a computer that you can use to arm or disarm the security system. All you have to do is insert the passcode to arm or disarm the system. Consider the control panel as the brain of the security system. It communicates with each security component, is responsible for sounding the alarm, and informs the alarm monitoring company about the breach.

Now you know how do security systems work. Nevertheless, if you have any further questions; our experts at Western Eagle Security Inc will be happy to answer them and guide you on strengthening security for your home. Call us at (281)-496-6800 to speak to our Western Eagle Security Inc team.

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