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Nightlife often includes large crowds of people, concerts, nightclubs, sporting events and other entertainment venues that draw big groups. Event coordinators need to hire Houston security guards to maintain order, because many of these eventgoers are looking for an easy target to take advantage of or rob. A good rule of thumb for those event coordinators is one security guard for every 100 people expected.

Although Houston security guards are highly trained and reliable, they cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore, you need to have a plan to protect the members of your group and yourself.

Highly Trained & Reliable Houston Security Guards

When you hire Western Eagle to provide Houston security guards for your event, you know you will get highly trained, licensed, insured, equipped, yet very affordable guards to ensure order. Even though there are always those looking for trouble, our guards have been trained to keep the peace. Usually, just the sight of uniformed security guards will keep a crowd from becoming unruly.

An event with a large crowd can get out of control quickly, that is why it is essential to hire well-trained Houston security guards to keep things from getting out of hand. Nonetheless, everyone should know how to protect themselves.

Ways to Protect Yourself When Houston Security Guards Are Too Busy to Assist

When a large group of event-goers is headed in one direction, it is a good idea to hang back. Often, when trouble starts, it is those who go to see what’s going on that wind up getting hurt. If it’s closing time or the event is over, why push and shove to get out?

The best idea is to leave a little before the event concludes. If you find yourself there when everyone is heading for the exit, hang back. Just relax a little and wait for the crowd to thin out. The last thing you want is to get knocked down and trampled.

Always decide on a place to meet up with the group if you get separated. A well-lit spot that is easily recognizable is best. Use the buddy system throughout the night. This advice goes for gals and guys.

Everyone knows it’s customary for the ladies to go to the restroom together. Guys are too macho for that, but after you’ve had a few drinks and stagger off to the restroom, you are an easy target for troublemakers and thieves. Do not let down your guard and don’t go alone.

Western Eagle Security – Houston Security Guards for Your Nightlife Event

When you are in charge of an event for your company, consider Western Eagle Security for Houston security guards. Give us a call, (281) 496-6800, and we will come to your location to analyze the situation, give you an appraisal and our estimate of guards and costs.  Email or use our online contact form.

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