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Unlike police and other law enforcement officers (LEOs), home surveillance cameras coupled with a solid business or Homeowner’s Association (HOA) security patrol watch can provide surveillance 24 hours a day for minimal cost and inconvenience. Although many believe surveillance cameras do little to prevent crime, that is a myth, just like “locks only keep honest people honest.” The truth is, an intruder who is unaware of a home surveillance system will not be deterred from burglarizing a home. That is why it is important to publicize your system with a sign on the front lawn and stickers on the front door. These are things that will help keep intruders out.

Just as in the old cliché, “the path of least resistance,” criminal elements will move on to another less protected home. Therefore, a community where many or all homes have surveillance cameras will be safer. When crimes do occur, surveillance tapes will help LEOs solve the crime. Tapes of the incident may be enough, but knowledgeable security and LEOs know burglars and robbers often observe their target for several days, sometimes even weeks before making their move, so the tapes from days before the incident could be more important than the day of, since the intruders will be more careful during the break-in or robbery.

Home Surveillance Is not an Invasion of Privacy

Some believe the increased use of CCTV as part of a business or home surveillance system is an invasion of privacy. That’s just not true. Certainly, users have a responsibility to ensure cameras are pointed into their own yards and onto the perimeter of their property, not into neighbor’s windows and yards, as much as possible. If someone is using a camera to “peep” into a neighbor’s windows that is a crime. The homeowners and HOA also have a responsibility to their family and guests to protect them as much as possible from intruders who would do them harm.

Business, HOA, and Home Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras at businesses have helped solve hundreds of thousands of crimes and, on a smaller scale, so, too, do home surveillance cameras. Likewise, the presence of live video footage of a criminal helps convince most to plead guilty and save the government the expense of trials.

When LEOs have footage of a robbery, home invasion, or burglary-in-progress, they have an eye witness to the crime. Video footage can be enhanced, and a workable picture of the criminals can be put out to LEOs for apprehension. Even when the video is not clear enough to positively identify a suspect for a court trial, just the possession of that footage is often enough to get a confession from these criminals, even when there are no corroborating witnesses available to testify.

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