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As the holidays are coming up, it’s important to address security. Many people have a constant flow of visitors during the season, and as such, they tend to rely on that flow of visitors as a measure of security. Why would a thief attack a house full of people? That’s true, but at the same time, having people around you should never be your only form of security.

If you live in an apartment building, security measures become even more important. You know your vistors, but you don’t know who else is coming to visit your neighbors. Your neighbors could be the nicest people in the world, but their visitors might see your building as an easy opportunity to go robbing from people. Many apartment buildings don’t always have the most rigorous security either, so if you plan to have people in, always meet them at the door and bring them up to your apartment. People wandering through the building unsupervised could be lost…or up to something.

After Thanksgiving, when Black Friday and Christmas shopping kicks in is another time to be concerned about security. While it can be a lot of fun to brag about the deals you found on social media, you’re only opening yourself up to the chances of someone coming along and stealing all those sweet deals. Similarly, when ordering presents online for Christmas, always make sure you’re home for the delivery — many people know that packages being delivered in December mean something expensive they can resell.

While you should be able to relax during the holidays, and we hope you do, it’s still important to practice the same basic security measures you would in previous months. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that there are some people out there who would happily steal Christmas presents you spent your hard-earned money on. To have the best holiday season possible, keep up the common sense.

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