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Hiring the right security guard company may require some looking around to find the one that best fits your needs. Many companies provide security as an add-on or in addition to their primary business. They are probably not a company you should consider high on your list. Although they’re worth checking into, you really want a security guard company that provides security as its only business or at least as its primary function. Below are some of the practices or performances you should expect.

Choose a Local Security Guard Company

You should hire a local Houston area security company to provide your guards. A national firm may be too large to give you the best customer service. With a local company, you will likely have the small business owner on speed dial, rather than having to go through a call center to access the boss. And, that call center may not even be in Texas, or the US for that matter.

Customer service must be a priority. Of course, providing top-notch security guards is the primary focus, but meeting the customer’s needs is important too. Neither should be mutually exclusive.

Choose a Company That Can Provide Additional Guards Temporarily

The security guard companyyou hire should be large enough to provide additional guards temporarily for special events and last-minute details. Generally speaking, you will have advance warning of VIP visits or events that require armed guards; however, you do not want to have to turn down a visit or event because you cannot provide enough guards to cover last-minute requests.

Licensed and Insured

Make sure the company you choose is fullylicensed and insured to cover any liability. A one-million-dollar policy that includes worker’s compensation, general liabilities, and auto insurance for roving guards is the standard for a security guard company. And don’t forget to have them list your company as “additionally insured” on their policy.

Training and Equipment

Ask any company you are considering to provide a detailed synopsis of the training their guards receive – what is their ratio of commissionedofficers to non-commissioned guards, and what equipment will you need to provide. They should have a good balance between those authorized to carry weapons and those not permitted to carry. Plus, if you must provide equipment or uniforms, it should be at a discounted price. Likewise, you should not have to do drug tests or screening.

Western Eagle Security –Your Security Guard Company in Houston

When you make the decisionto hire a security guard company in the Houston area, consider Western Eagle Security. We provide fully-trained security personnel who are state-licensedand insured. Call Western Eagle today, (281) 496-6800. For a free appraisal of your security guard needs, fill in the contact form, or email,,

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