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Two Reasons to Hire Private Security

The inherent dangers involved in hosting a private event and the expense of recruiting, hiring, training, equipping and maintaining a guard force makes it necessary to hire private security for your event. Whether you have a last-minute business conference at a local Houston hotel or conference center or a well-planned wedding party scheduled, you should have security for the event. Western Eagle Security can send professionally trained and equipped personnel to your event for a fraction of the cost.

Why PrivateSecurity at Private Events

When you host a private event, you do not want to come up short on food and drinks because of “party crashers.” Perhaps in large part due to movies such as Wedding Crashers and Wedding Crashers 2many prescribe to the mentality, “No invite? No problem!” However, it is up to your event planners to make not having an invitation a problem. Placing private securityat the entrance can save you from the embarrassment of not having enough food and beverages for your invited guests. In addition, they can discreetly remove anyone who has consumed too much alcohol, or otherwise worn out their welcome.

Today, when you host a charity event or political fundraiser, you are very likely to have protesters with an opposing viewpoint picket, or in other ways attempt to disrupt, your event. Security in front of the event venue can make everyone invited to your event feel a little more comfortable. Uniformed guards provide a calming effect for your guests.

When you have an event planned for the Texas Training and Conference Centers, either of the Norris Conference Centers, or another venue, call Western Eagle Security for a free appraisal of your private security needs.

Why Private Security Is Less Expensive

Even when you have a standing guard force for your corporation or business, generally they will still need to provide the same protections they do on a day-to-day basis. Hiring, training, and equipping additional personnel for a one-time affair can be time-consuming and expensive. We have the temporary help you need already trained, licensed and equipped, so you can hire our security personnel much more cheaply.

Western Eagle Security –Your Private SecurityProfessionals

Call Western Eagle Security, (281) 496-6800,duringthe planning process. We will send our event appraisers to the location of your conference or celebration and give you an assessment of your needs. You can utilize our website contact form orsend an email:,

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