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Knowing when you need an armed security guard versus an unarmed guard could save you a lot of money. Armed guards require additional training and background checks. Therefore, the security company that pays for the training expects a better return on their investment. Whether you need an armed guard or not usually depends on the threat level.

However, there are times when you require an armed guard based on the event and who will attend. Other situations might demand an armed guard presence daily until the situation gets resolved.

Texas Armed Security Guard Requirements

In Texas, the Public Safety Department regulates the prerequisites for armed security guards, or commissioned officers, which is more stringent than the requirements for a noncommissioned officer. Commissioned officers in Texas are allowed to carry weapons, and noncommissioned are not. A baton or nightstick is a weapon. Some of the requirements for commissioned officers are:

  • Minimum 21 years of age
  • Drug testing
  • FBI background check
  • US Citizenship
  • No previous felonies or “Lautenberg Amendment” violations
  • 30 hours of training/instruction with weapons
  • Requalification every two years

NOTE: The Lautenberg Amendment makes it illegal for people convicted of domestic violence to carry guns. This law makes them ineligible to become an armed security guard.

Armed Security Guard: A Strong Deterrent Against Threats

Usually having armed security guards at any event will deter acts of violence at your home, business, or venue. When the threat level dictates, it might be worth a little more money to keep employees, staff, and customers safe.

Likewise, an armed presence will make everyone feel more secure, and isn’t the piece of mind worth it? Contented employees produce better than workers who feel they must watch over their shoulder. An armed security guard could increase productivity, and that would certainly be worth paying a little more.

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