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No matter where you work, study, or enjoy your favorite movie, security is a concern everywhere. But one place everyone wants to feel safe and relaxed is their home sweet home. It’s the responsibility of apartment management to ensure the safety and security of each of its residents and their guests. Issues such as theft, vandalism, trespassing are very common to an apartment community. To deter these crimes, the presence of security guards is necessary. These guards have the required training to stop and handle such acts of crime and do the aftermath.

Below is a list of duties apartment security guards have on their shoulders. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Secure Entry And Exit Points

The first step to deter crimes is to stop them from happening. And keeping a check on the visitors is the prime duty of security guards. To stop mishaps, the guards can physically or using metal detectors, check the visitors and their vehicles for any weapon or any other disallowed belongings. Since each visitor has to fill in their personal information before entering the apartment complex, many troublemakers may be hesitant to take a chance.

2. Property Patrolling

It’s the responsibility of apartment security guards to patrol the complex at scheduled and unscheduled time intervals. One place that requires extra effort is the parking lot. Parking lots are usually empty and dark, making them a perfect spot for criminals. Therefore, the guards pay special attention to parking lots. Security guards also make use of CCTV cameras and alarm systems to heighten security levels. If the guards monitoring the CCTVs find anything suspicious, they can immediately alert the security officers on patrol, who can take prompt action to stop the troublemakers.

3. Handling Emergencies 

Emergencies such as a fire-breakout, explosion, domestic violence, or a security breach can happen at any time of the day. Handling such a situation on time is very important to secure the safety of apartment residents, their guests, and everyone else. Apartment security guards are trained to take control of emergencies and act to minimize losses. Moreover, security guards can effectively coordinate with the apartment complex’s management to design and execute a plan of action to help manage such situations.

4. Coordinating with Law Enforcements

It’s the duty of apartment security guards to update and keep track of security mishaps. The reports they maintain are not only helpful for law enforcement agencies, but they can assist in setting up a better security plan to stop future disasters. When the appropriate agency arrives, they will not have to go over the situation from scratch. Instead, a prepared report of past occurrences will be present, which will speed up their work.

These are just a few advantages of hiring security guards for your apartment complex. Our team at Western Eagle Security can help you learn more about what you might be missing. Give us a call at 281 496 6800 .

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