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Museums might seem like the last place for robberies to take place, but that is not the case. In fact, they are one of the top places to report petty thefts. In buildings that are small, short-staffed, or based in faraway locations, the lack of security can be a huge problem. Without proper security measures, thefts are a common nuisance. Nonetheless, museum security guards are exactly what is needed to keep the priceless valuables safeguarded within the museum’s four walls.

What does a Museum Security Guard do?

Unlike movies, a museum security guard’s duty isn’t as lively as watching the building’s artifacts come to life. Instead, it’s far more subtle. However, that doesn’t mean they can take it easy and slack off. On the contrary, a museum guard must stay alert and note any suspicious action or person they see.

Museums facing security risks every now and then is not unusual. Having people slip small items from the exhibition into their pockets isn’t quite ideal. Objects like jewelry, coins, small statues, and such are all likely to get nicked. This is why museum security guards need to be on their toes and remain vigilant all the time.

Stopping acts of petty theft, monitoring the displays, and even managing huge crowds are all duties a museum security guard must keep up with.

Core Duties of a Museum Security Guard

Being the ones in charge of the museum’s safety protocol, museum guards are required to get a few things off their checklist every day. For instance:

  • Ensure all the locks inside the building work properly.
  • Remove any object that might block the open view from CCTV cameras or patrolling area.
  • Monitor all valued possessions.
  • Secure all the keys to the displays and back area.
  • Ensure all A-list objects or items susceptible to stealing are well-guarded.
  • Guard open displays while staying fully alert.
  • Have the objects on an open display attached to the case so no one can move them.
  • Lock all open displays up at night in shatter-resistant glass cases.
  • Take regular inventory checks of the displayed and in-storage valuables inside the building.

How Often do Museums Get Robbed?

Museums get robbed far more than you think. The only difference is that not many stolen goods are reported due to public outrage. However, that being said, not all robberies are done by amateurs. Sometimes it is a planned heist. Other times burglaries happen during nighttime when security is often lax.

In contrast, some art dealers also let their greed lead them to steal the available art or medallions. Perhaps this is why some museums swap the original art pieces for identical replicas. This ensures high-priority items stay safe and cannot be accessed by petty thieves.

The Closing Word

In conclusion, a museum security guard’s job might be subdued, but it sure makes them feel like a spy. Saving historical valuable is nothing short of heroic. This is why having educational places like Museums be well-guarded is crucial. Nevertheless, visit Western Eagle for more information on security precautions or contact us at (281) 496 6800.

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